Interesting read, it's the ambiguity of the finale that made me love it. The "was that real or a hallucination" and the lack of laying out the bad guy as some kind of demon or monster or cult leader or just crazy person. The Following broke for me when it just started laying out these vast powers that are well beyond the … » 4/18/14 5:25am Yesterday 5:25am

It doesn't feel like his show because it's not his show it's Jed and Murissa's show. Joss is overseeing the grand strokes but they're filling in the details, they had to line it up with Thor and Cap so that's why it came together the way it did but I think that's why they are a bit different in the way the… » 4/16/14 4:16pm Wednesday 4:16pm

Too bad it's based on a totally bogus premise ( Honestly I'm getting burnt out on Scarlett Johansson, it'd be nice if other talented women in Hollywood got a knock at these roles. She's good, I really liked her in Don Jon when she played against type but it's… » 4/03/14 4:15pm 4/03/14 4:15pm

So do you hate Classic X-Men? Because this was first posited in the original series in 1981. This is actually not entirely far off the original (sure they tossed in a bunch of new characters but as setup it works because it's educating people who are probably not familiar with the source material). » 3/27/14 2:55pm 3/27/14 2:55pm

I have to say this is all reminding me very much of Godzilla: The Half Century War comic which is a very very good thing. The biggest problem with Godzilla is one of scope and scale. In The Half Century War comic you saw the life of one soldier come to pieces because of this monster where they ended up having this… » 3/12/14 2:23pm 3/12/14 2:23pm

Apples and Oranges comparison, Avengers is in a universe with Gods walking the earth, super powered unstoppable juggernauts of humanity and super powered armour. The Watchmen (and even in the source material) is in a much more grounded universe, Ozymandias (who's sort of the Tony Stark of the universe) doesn't have… » 3/03/14 12:26pm 3/03/14 12:26pm

Heartbreak for a animal abuser and lunatic. I'm sorry but this is the right thing (and she was never prevented from visiting the facility she just can't have hands on visit time with the animal she beat and neglected). Frankly I think she should be beaten with a spoon or maybe have her child torn away from her and sold … » 3/03/14 9:59am 3/03/14 9:59am

This is a fictional universe where an Amazonian Princess posses as a member of the US Air Force, a test pilot is made an Alien Space Cop, a space baby becomes humanities shining beacon of virtue and a guy who plays dress up becomes the embodiment of fear in the minds of criminals. I think the disconnect happened a LONG … » 2/28/14 7:51pm 2/28/14 7:51pm

He runs a charity to aid in research in the disease, he has personal first hand experience, he is an expert. (My grand mother and grand father in law are both victims and as a child I watched my great grand father decay before my eyes, it's an ugly painful and cruel disease and my heart and respect goes out to Seth and … » 2/28/14 2:28pm 2/28/14 2:28pm

Except how much of that was the producers telling her to scowl for the camera. I'm a firm believer of people doing what ever makes them happy and feel comfortable. These pre-defined concepts of "beauty" are just ridiculous. The internet is proof positive, if it exists, people will wank to it.

Beauty is always in the eye… » 2/25/14 12:16am 2/25/14 12:16am